Packing and Moving Efficiently

After living in one place for a long period, items tend to accumulate in the home slowly and steadily. When it is time to shift to a new home, you may end up wondering how did you acquire so much paraphernalia. Once you decide to do your packing and moving efficiently, you will have to see which article goes with you and which gets sold off. Here are some helpful guidelines to get you started –


Low value items include those things which are low cost and hold low worth for you. These include items stowed in the attic or storeroom. The reason they are still in your home is chiefly because they may come in handy ‘someday’. Packing and moving efficiently requires these items to be sold off. It is safe to assume that if they have not been used till now, they won’t be used in your new home.


Packing and moving efficiently essentially means traveling light. Items which take up a lot of space should be sold before the move. These consist of old bike and rickety furniture. Sofa sets do not come under this category, but old plastic chairs, deck furniture and folding beds do. If your bike is an essential mode of transportation for you, then you may have to do bit of analysis. Is carrying an old bike worth the effort and money? Would it be easier to sell it and buy a second-hand bike at your new location?


Items which can be replaced easily by a local convenience store should definitely be sold. These are items like shoe racks, baskets, buckets etc. which can be effortlessly sold off to household help. Buying them at your new location is equally easy since they are neither price-heavy nor difficult to bring in.

Sentimental Value

This is a very subjective and touchy point. Items with sentimental values can be low value, high volume and replaceable, all at the same time. But if they mean a lot to you, there is no question that they have to move with you. Ensure you have them properly packed for the move.

Deciding to sell your things after having them in your house for a long time will take effort. It is not easy to look at the items you have bought and simply put them up for sale. However, when you are moving to a new home, it is best to get it done, and done properly. The reason to sell your old stuff goes beyond just packing and moving efficiently. After selling them off, you can enter your new home without old clutter and with a truly fresh start.